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This is what the research community says about us.

We continuously survey our customers' needs and satisfaction, and our ratings below are presently based on the answers from more than 100 customers. Do you agree with them? Would you like to give us some feedback? Please feel free to fill in our online survey by pressing the button below.

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Customer statements

Overall, I would say your Mouse apoE ELISA kit is excellent.
S. Malin
Karolinska Institutet
I really like your company and people working there, always open for discussion and online.
Olga Ticha, PhD
Mabtech's technical support was great. Communication was straightforward with both our consultant and with the ELISA experts. Dr. Lena Beckman was prompt to return our emails and offer alternatives to help us troubleshoot and Jillian was great coordinating a replacement kit for us and following up. We are happy with the new adjusted standard curve for the ApoB ELISA, although in our hands the reaction still proceeds fairly quickly with the top standard. We purchased another kit recently to test more samples, so hopefully everything goes well again using Dr. Beckman's recommendations. Thanks Mabtech!
Our laboratory specializes in Elispot assays and has used Mabtech products for over a decade now. Their products are always top quality and the customer service is excellent. Just recently, Kathryn Knackstedt was very helpful in assisting our laboratory to switch from FITC to BAM detection products.
Kim Dunham
Lab supervisor
Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
I was very impressed with the technical support that I got from Mabtech. The representative was not only friendly and addressed my problem, but also seems very knowledgeable with the products, assays, and nuances. I even got a recommendation to use an alternative product along with a free sample of it. This is probably one of the top customer service experiences I have encountered in the field.
Very easy to use ELISA kit.
Juliette Paillet
PhD Student
Cordeliers Research Center
What can I say... Mabtech products are great. Optimized protocols, reproducible results. We use the ELISpot IFNg kits (human, primate, dog, rat) in routine for our research projects but also for our Gene Therapy Immunology platform. Julia, our sales contact, is amazing and very responsive. Christian helped us a lot for our reader using and so we we are finally launching into the FluoroSpot adventure!
Marie Devaux
INSERM 1089 Translational gene therapy for genetic diseases
I truly believe that Mabtech sells high-quality and reliable tools to conduct our research. Moreover, they have a very good technical and scientific support. They are very accommodating to help us to test their products and to develop new technologies in the lab.
Marie de Bourayne
Just to say whenever I've contacted Mabtech for an issue or query Jens, Sophie and Julia have all been extremely helpful and are a pleasure to deal with.
Michelle Somerville
Research Assistant
Cardiff University
United Kingdom

I have compared Mabtech ELISpot assay to ELISpot assays we run at our company on regular basis "head-to-head" using identical samples. Mabtech's kits proved to be superior to our protocol, had significantly lower background and provided better and higher detection of spots.

Dr. Weiss

I cannot compare the new mouse IL-10 system to the old system, as I never used it, but I was able to obtain very nice results with the new system. The spots show up clearly and there is no variation in the background color of the membranes (this is a problem I have had with other companies' kits, and am told it has to do with uneven pre-coating). I have used other Mabtech products in the past (human and mouse IFN-gamma, IL-2, and TNF-alpha) and will continue to use them.

Julie Roda, PhD
NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc

Our research group uses Mabtech products for a variety of applications, especially investigating immunological responses in wildlife. We have been able to develop new assays for detecting diseases and feel that the quality of the products contributes to our research progress. The support from the Mabtech staff has been especially positive and we look forward to future collaborations.

Michele Miller
Division of Molecular Biology & Human Genetics
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Stellenbosch University
South Africa

Dr. Pissani was incredibly patient and knowledgeable in helping me troubleshoot my ELISPOT assay. I am very satisfied with your 3421M-2APT-2 kit, but it would be great if you could design an anti-CD3 positive control that works with all splice variants that naturally occur in macaques (I've only gotten it to work for 1/3 animals )-- I'm not sure how feasible that is though!

Research Assistant
University of Pennsylvania
The Mabtech's products are very helpful to my experiment. I hope that the company will continue to maintain the quality and service level of the product, and I will continue to use the Mabtech's products.
Research Assistant
Xijing Hospital
Fourth Military Medical University

Amazing! Your delivery time system is really efficient. We are really impressed about it.

Susana Gargallo
We have been using Mabtech antibodies in our ELISpot assays for several years with satisfaction. Recently we switched to the IFN/gamma/TNF-alpha Fluorospot assay in kit version and found it to consistently produce good quality results while effectively tripling our collection of functional data. The team at Mabtech assisted us during this transition, which resulted in a short optimisation and therefore minimal delay in continuing with our experiments.
Jade Clarson
Research Scientist
GVL and Immunotherapy
Cancer Theme
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)
Mabtech service is highly customer-friendly and efficient. We have been using Mabtech ELISA kits for the past eight years with full satisfaction. Furthermore, I find Mabtech products the best for even developing my in-house ELISA.
Laksiri Gomes
Research Scientist
Centre for Dengue Research
University of Sri Jayawardenepura
Sri Lanka
Good with online tutorials, easy manuals to follow, good support when trouble shooting.
Pia Larssen
PhD student
Karolinska Institutet
We are always happy to recommend Mabtech products to our customers as we know the product quality is excellent and, if there are any issues or queries, the technical support is prompt, courteous and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Order processing is also wonderfully quick and accurate. Couldn't recommend Mabtech highly enough!
Mary La Scala
National Sales Manager
Resolving Images
We have used Mabtech ELISPOT antibodies and reagents for several years. The high quality and standard and competitive price will keep us hooked for years to come. Recently we have started working with Fluorospot, which has really helped us move forward and have opened new avenues in our research. As always management and technical staff have all provided impeccable service.
Cecilia Lindestam Arlehamn
Division of Vaccine Discovery
La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology (LJI)