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Terms and Conditions

All Mabtech products are sold for research use only. Mabtech products are not to be administered to humans or used for medical diagnosis. Products are not for further distribution without the expressed written consent of Mabtech AB.

Pricing and payments

All prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are stated net of value added tax and other applicable taxes. Shipping costs are prepaid and added to invoices except when customers designate their own carrier. Payment terms are net 30 days of the invoice date, past due invoices may be charged 2% interest per month.

Mabtech reserves the right to withhold delivery of subsequent orders when a past due invoice remains outstanding. Mabtech reserves the right to, at its own discretion, demand collateral or prepayment before product delivery.


Mabtech will consider claims for damages, shortage or incorrect delivery only if notified within five working days of product delivery. Mabtech's responsibility is limited to replacing or redelivering the products in question. Customers are not entitled to additional compensation.


Transfer of responsibility for products shall be at the time of delivery at the customer's designated premises, Ex Works Mabtech's site, (Incoterms 2010); or from the time of collection from Mabtech's premises in the event that the buyer chooses to appoint the carrier and/or clearing agent, Free Carrier Mabtech's site, (Incoterms 2010).


Mabtech reserves the right to repossess its products at any time in the event of customer liquidation, or notification of impending liquidation, closing or notification of impending closure, or the appointment of an administrator before full payment of the goods has been received.

Right to offset

Mabtech shall be entitled to offset any sums owed by the customer.