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Nov 23 | Mouse IFN-γ ELISpot with pre-cocated strip plates launched

The use of pre-coated strip-plates is ideal when analyzing few samples and a limited number of wells are needed.

Mouse IFN-ү ELISpotPLUS with strip plates are available in 2 and 10 plate format in the web shop. more

Nov 16 | Quantification of Llama and Alpaca IFN-γ

Our Llama IFN-γ ELISA development kit can be used to quantify llama IFN-ү and alpaca IFN-ү.The kit contains a monoclonal capture antibody, biotinylated monoclonal detection antibody, streptavidin-HRP/ALP and a recombinant llama IFN-ү ELISA standard.

The Llama IFN-ү ELISA is available in the webshop. more

"Very easy to use ELISA kit. "
Juliette Paillet
Cordeliers Research Center
"Amazing! Your delivery time system is really efficient. We are really impressed about it."
Susana Gargallo
"I have compared Mabtech ELISpot assay to ELISpot assays we run at our company on regular basis "head-to-head" using identical samples. Mabtech's kits proved to be superior to our protocol, had significantly lower background and provided better and higher detection of spots."
Dr. Weiss