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Nov 16 | Quantification of Llama and Alpaca IFN-γ

Our Llama IFN-γ ELISA development kit can be used to quantify llama IFN-ү and alpaca IFN-ү.The kit contains a monoclonal capture antibody, biotinylated monoclonal detection antibody, streptavidin-HRP/ALP and a recombinant llama IFN-ү ELISA standard.

The Llama IFN-ү ELISA is available in the webshop. more

Nov 15 | New tutorial video on plate handling

The PVDF membrane in the bottom of ELISpot plate wells is quite delicate and can easily be damaged. In this new tutorial video we show you how to handle ELISpot plates to ensure unharmed membranes and thus optimal results. more

"Very easy to use ELISA kit. "
Juliette Paillet
Cordeliers Research Center
"Just to say whenever I've contacted Mabtech for an issue or query Jens, Sophie and Julia have all been extremely helpful and are a pleasure to deal with. "
Michelle Somerville
Cardiff University
United Kingdom
"Amazing! Your delivery time system is really efficient. We are really impressed about it."
Susana Gargallo