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Dec 7 | Launch of anti-mouse lambda chain mAb JC5-1

We are pleased to launch a monoclonal antibody specific to mouse Ig lambda light chain, mAb JC5-1.

MAb JC5-1 is available purified and biotinylated in the web shop. more

Nov 23 | Mouse IFN-γ ELISpot with pre-cocated strip plates launched

The use of pre-coated strip-plates is ideal when analyzing few samples and a limited number of wells are needed.

Mouse IFN-ү ELISpotPLUS with strip plates are available in 2 and 10 plate format in the web shop. more

"I truly believe that Mabtech sells high-quality and reliable tools to conduct our research. Moreover, they have a very good technical and scientific support. They are very accommodating to help us to test their products and to develop new technologies in the lab. "
Marie de Bourayne
"Our research group uses Mabtech products for a variety of applications, especially investigating immunological responses in wildlife. We have been able to develop new assays for detecting diseases and feel that the quality of the products contributes to our research progress. The support from the Mabtech staff has been especially positive and we look forward to future collaborations."
Michele Miller
Division of Molecular Biology & Human Genetics
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Stellenbosch University
South Africa
"I have compared Mabtech ELISpot assay to ELISpot assays we run at our company on regular basis "head-to-head" using identical samples. Mabtech's kits proved to be superior to our protocol, had significantly lower background and provided better and higher detection of spots."
Dr. Weiss