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Native protein precision

At Mabtech, we set the gold standard in monoclonal antibody (mAb) development by focusing on targeting native proteins. Our mAbs are selected to recognize proteins in their natural, correctly folded, and post-translationally modified state, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in research settings.

We go beyond individual antibody testing, particularly in sandwich assays, by meticulously pairing mAbs that bind different epitopes of the native protein. This comprehensive approach in testing both coating and detection mAbs guarantees optimal results in ELISA, ELISpot, and FluoroSpot assays.

Our rigorous protocols reflect our commitment to providing high-quality, reliable mAbs, ensuring what works in our labs will work seamlessly in yours. Read more about why targeting the native protein matters here.

Native protein bound by specific mAb
mAb pair sandwiching the target analyte

We are ISO-certified

We listen carefully to the needs of our customers and respond accordingly in order to build mutually fruitful relations. The aim to satisfy customer needs involves everyone at Mabtech and affects all customer communication. We are proud of continuously receiving numerous positive feedbacks and many returning customers.

Mabtech AB has chosen to comply with the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, for the establishment, maintenance and development of its quality management system. The compliance is audited annually by external audits and the certificates have been maintained without interruption since 2006 when Mabtech AB first aimed for certification.

ISO 9001

Sustainability equals quality

At Mabtech, we prioritize continuous learning and growth, even if it means unlearning established practices.

To understand sustainability related risks and impacts of our business, we have made an analysis using the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as a guideline. This analysis, made with the help of external experts, gave us many insights, especially on which Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we have the most impact:

  • SDG 3: Good Health and well-being: This is at the core of our business; it is a goal that inspires us and gives us direction. 
  • SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth: We are what we are because of our employees. We care for each other, and we succeed together. 
  • SDG 9: Innovation and infrastructure: This is what we do. We are all about research, development, and innovation. 

Thus, while we acknowledge the significance of reducing our emissions, in this analysis we discovered that our primary impact lies in our contribution to the research community. In the report, we showcase our accomplishments in sustainability while transparently addressing areas for improvement. By doing so, we foster internal discussions within our organization, enabling meaningful dialogues with stakeholders at various levels.


Compliant readers

The EU and the US (FDA) have established guidelines for the life sciences industry, known as Annex 11 and CFR21 part 11, respectively. These guidelines outline the use of computerized systems in clinical investigations and specify that the quality of source data obtained through these systems must match that of traditional paper records.

The software Mabtech Apex™ has been designed to comply with the following guidelines § 11.10 Controls for closed systems of CFR21: