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New applications and formats for Mabtech’s human IL-21 mAbs

We are happy to introduce new applications for our IL-21 monoclonal antibodies.

  • Retain IL-21 in cell culture supernatants for improved detection in ELISA
  • Neutralize IL-21 bioactivity

IL-21 is an important regulating cytokine affecting both innate and adaptive immune responses. To enable detection of IL-21, Mabtech provides both ELISA and ELISpot kits.

During cell culture, secreted IL-21 may be consumed by IL-21R-bearing cells, rendering it difficult to detect by ELISA. To overcome this and thus increase detectable IL-21 levels in cell culture supernatants, Mabtech’s biotinylated mAb MT21.3m can be included during cell culture1. This mAb will bind IL-21 and prevent it from interacting with its receptor, effectively keeping it in solution to be quantified by ELISA (Fig. 1).

In addition, we have launched a mixture of mAbs (MT216G/21.3m) with the ability to neutralize IL-21 bioactivity on human cells naturally expressing the IL-21 receptor1 (Fig. 2).

Please note that the mAbs MT21.3m and MT216G are referred to as MT3 and MT6, respectively, in the article below.


The mAbs are supplied in PBS without preservatives. Endotoxin content is below 10 EU/mg.


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Retain IL-21 in cell culture supernatants

Fig. 1. mAb MT21.3m-biotin binds to IL-21 and keeps it in solution to be quantified by ELISA


Neutralization of IL-21 bioactivity

Fig. 2. mAbs MT216G/21.3m bind to IL-21 and neutralizes its bioactivity.