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Detection of mouse ApoA1

The wait is over: detect mouse apoA1 with precision!

mouse apoA1

Mabtech has developed monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and ELISAPRO kits for the detection of mouse apoA1.

Quality products for detection of mouse apoA1 have been highly requested by our customers. Development of sensitive reagents for mouse apoA1 is a challenge due to the complexity of this protein. With a lot of effort and thanks to our vast experience creating monoclonal antibodies we can now proudly present our mouse apoA1 detection reagents.

The mAbs are available as separate items and included in our ELISAPRO kits for sensitive detection of mouse apoA1 in serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants.

ApoA1 is the major structural and functional protein in HDL and a key protein in cardiovascular diseases. Read more about apoA1 and other apolipoproteins in our Knowledge Center.

Interested in human apolipoproteins

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