FluoroSpot Plus: Human IFN-γ/IL-5

FluoroSpot Plus: Human IFN-γ/IL-5


Ensure reproducibility when diving into a multiplex analysis.


Detection mAbsAnti-IFN-y mAb (7-B6-1), BAM
Anti-IL-5 mAb (5A10), biotin
Fluorophore conjugatesAnti-BAM mAb, 490
Positive controlAnti-CD3 mAb (CD3-2)
Co-stimulusAnti-CD28 mAb (CD28-A)
Buffer/SolutionFluoroSpot enhancer
PlatePre-coated FluoroSpot plate (mAbs 1-D1K and TRFK5)

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Product specifications

Intended use

This FluoroSpot Plus kit is intended for the enumeration of cells secreting human IFN-γ and IL-5 using the FluoroSpot assay. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Serum/Plasma samples


Product details

ProductFluoroSpot Plus: Human IFN-γ/IL-5
AnalyteIFN-γ, IL-5

This kit is based on matched pairs of mAbs specific for human IFN-γ and IL-5.

Shipping and Storage


Shipped at ambient temperature.


Store antibodies, fluorophore conjugates, and FluoroSpot enhancer at 4-8 °C upon receipt. Plates may be kept at room temperature.

Shelf lifeAt least 12 months from date of receipt.
PBMC (250,000 cells/well) were incubated for 48 hours in the absence or presence of PPD and the number of cells secreting IFN-γ and/or IL-5 was analyzed by FluoroSpot. Double-secreting cells were determined as spots having the same position (centre point) in an image overlay of LED490, FITC (IFN-γ) and LED550, Cy3 (IL-5) images. Spot analysis was made with Mabtech IRIS.