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We know every project is different and has different needs. Therefore, we offer products in several different formats. Use this overview to get a better understanding of what kit format, reagent, and/or reader is best suited to your research. 

To learn more about ELISpot, FluoroSpot, ELISA, and FociSpot, head on over to Our assays.


From adaptable to complete



Flex kits are, as the name implies, our most flexible kit format, containing the core reagents and allowing you to customize them to your liking.



Plus takes the term "kit" to the next level: It is our pillar format, with pre-coated plates and most reagents normally needed, ensuring reproducibility.    



Pro is our premium format, only available for certain analytes. Thoroughly validated, including every reagent necessary – for an even easier and faster assay. 



Our Path kits pave the way to quick answers to very specific research questions. Some kits come with peptide pools for studying T cell responses towards a pathogen. Others are optimized for studying autoimmune disease.

We have kits for a lot of different species. Find them in the product filter, or get an overview here:


We know immunoassays and what reagents complement them best


Our kits can be complemented with any stimulus of choice, but if you are looking for established controls, you might as well stay on our website. We have a variety of peptide pools with defined peptides as well as randomly digested scanning pools – all validated for ELISpot and FluoroSpot use. 

Our antibodies are the core of our assays. By offering pairs to accomplish sandwich assays, we usually have more than one for each analyte. To allow for completely customizable assay setups or not yet identified applications, they can be obtained separately – also in bulk format (contact us if you're interested). Check out our entire list of antibody pairs here.

If you wish to complement a Flex kit or just want to assemble your own special kit, we also offer substrates, enzymes, and uncoated ELISpot plates


IRIS 2 and ASTOR 2

A new era of almost-too-easy

FluoroSpot and ELISpot assays are best experienced together with our readers, Mabtech IRIS™ and Mabtech ASTOR™. 

IRIS 2 is our flagship, a FluoroSpot/ELISpot/FociSpot reader capable to analyze four analytes simultaneously with unparalleled accuracy and speed. 

ASTOR 2 is our workhorse, an ELISpot-only reader built to be easy to use and durable. 

Based on the same platform, we developed them to be as intuitive as possible, allowing you to get right into your data. They truly represent an era of almost-to-easy. 


Mabtech ASTOR™ 2 ELISpot reader



We're here for you

Unique research projects require unique solutions. For that purpose, we offer customized services like monoclonal antibody development, cell cultivation, assay outsourcing, and even assay development.

Let us know what we can help you with.

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