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Networks and memberships

Mabtech has several ongoing collaborations with research institutes and companies. We believe that close academic and industrial collaborations will pave the way for future developments which will aid in international research.


The EAVI2020 is a 23 million euro initiative to accelerate the search for an effective HIV vaccine. Financed by the European Commission, the European AIDS Vaccine Initiative (EAVI2020) brings together leading HIV researchers from public organisations and biotech companies from across Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA in a focused effort to develop protective and therapeutic HIV vaccines.

Vaccines are the most powerful public health tools available. Developing safe, effective and affordable vaccines that can prevent HIV infection in uninfected people is the best hope for controlling and ultimately ending the HIV epidemic. Developing a therapeutic vaccine could also be beneficial for people living with HIV by helping slow the progression of the disease and prevent or delay the onset of AIDS. Scientists in this consortium are pooling their expertise to make this possible.

Mabtech is following the EAVI2020 results closely and is participating in project activities with the consortium.

Australasian Society for Immunology (ASI)

Together with our Australian distributor Resolving Images, we are proud sponsors of the ASI.

British Society for Immunology (BSI)

Mabtech is a corporate member of the BSI, and always attend their annual congress.

ZellNet Consulting

ZellNet Consulting is a plate reading and consulting service for ELISpot assays. Mabtech and Zellnet are both part of the ELISpot Resource Group (ERG), which is a consortium of leading ELISpot companies aiming to broaden the knowledge of the ELISpot technique. Mabtech regularly participate in seminars and workshops arranged by ZellNet and the ERG.

PSL Alliance

Mabtech is a core member of the PSL Alliance, a network of biotech companies gathered by UK-based company Pivotal Scientific Limited.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Immunologie e.V. (DGfI)

The German society of Immunology supports basic and clinical research in the field of immunology. As corporate member, Mabtech is delighted to be part of it.