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TB antigens in active vs latent infection

Published: September 14, 2023

Updated: January 3, 2024

In their effort to help design new diagnostics and vaccines for tuberculosis (TB), Cecilia Lindestam Arlehamn and her co-workers performed a proteome-wide screening of TB derived peptides in patients with active TB vs patients with latent infection, using an IFNγ and IL-17A Fluorospot assay and Mabtech IRIS

The comparison revealed that patients with active TB recognize different epitopes than otherwise healthy latent infected patients. With this information, the research group developed a peptide pool consisting of epitopes exclusively recognized by participants with active TB, allowing distinguishing patients with active disease from latent infections.

A peptide pool like this will be important for measuring correlates of protection in vaccine development, as well as a great possible tool for novel diagnostic assays.

Update 2024-01-03: Watch Cecilia present this and other exciting findings in our TB webinar. 

Cecilia Lindestam Arlehamn

Dr. Cecilia Lindestam Arlehamn

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