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Targeting the native protein: why it matters

Published: December 5, 2023

Updated: January 12, 2024

At Mabtech, we prioritize high-quality monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) targeting native proteins, ensuring reliable data in life sciences. Our commitment to quality control in selecting mAbs for ELISpot, FluoroSpot, and ELISA assays sets us apart, guaranteeing exceptional and consistent performance for our customers.


The Mabtech gold standard: targeting the native protein

For a monoclonal antibody to be valuable in a research setting, it needs to recognize its specific target — and not just any version of its target, but the version that occurs naturally in biological samples. Our optimized testing and selection protocols ensure that all our mAbs are specific to the native form of the protein. The native form of a protein is its correctly folded and post-translationally modified state as it naturally occurs. This specificity to the native protein is a hallmark of a high-quality mAb, as it ensures accuracy in detecting the true analyte rather than a partially denatured version or towards a normally unexposed epitope. Ultimately, this gives you results you can really rely on. 

Native protein bound by specific mAb


Comprehensive mAb pair testing in our assays

While many companies might stop at individual antibody testing for their sandwich assays, we take it a step further and find the perfectly matched mAb pair. This step is critical to give you reliable data and results in your immunoassay. Every single one of our mAb pairs is tested in the corresponding assay — whether it’s ELISA, ELISpot, or FluoroSpot – to ensure that they bind different epitopes of the native protein. This comprehensive approach of testing coating and detection mAbs ensures that each pair gives optimal results in the assay they're intended for. It's our way of ensuring that what works in our labs will work seamlessly in yours.

mAb pair sandwiching the target analyte


Why our method matters

In the world of immunoassays, the approach to developing and testing mAbs can vary significantly based on the application. For techniques like flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, or Western Blot, testing individual antibodies can be sufficient. These methods often rely on the detection of a single epitope of a protein, and the performance of a single mAb can be a reliable indicator of its overall performance in these applications. In sandwich assays, the interaction between a pair of mAbs is crucial for optimal results. This is where our expertise particularly shines. We don’t simply test single mAbs targeting the same epitope of a protein, we evaluate several mAbs in tandem and always against the native protein to find the optimal pair. Our rigorous testing protocols are key to our success in providing high-quality immunoassays, setting us apart in the field. Our commitment to this detailed approach ensures you get the most reliable and accurate results.

Quality control isn't just a box-ticking exercise for us. It's a reflection of our commitment to aiding our fellow scientists and the research community. Our optimized testing process ensures that our mAbs not only recognize their target proteins in their native form, but do so with specificity, consistency, and efficiency. In a world where research relies on the quality of reagents used, Mabtech stands proud in offering mAbs that researchers can trust, every single time.

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