ELISpot plates, w/o underdrain

ELISpot plates, w/o underdrain


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PVDF membrane ELISpot plates without underdrain (MAIPSWU)

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Intended use

Non-coated plates for ELISpot assays. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Serum/Plasma samples

ELISpot plates with a PVDF membrane. For optimal binding of capture antibody, it is recommended to pre-treat, i.e. activate, the membrane with ethanol.


To obtain maximal antibody binding capacity, the plates need to first be pre-treated, i.e. activated, with ethanol. Remove the ELISpot plate from the package and activate the membrane by adding 70% ethanol, 50 µl per well for maximum 2 minutes. Wash plate 5 times with sterile water, 200 µl per well, and proceed according to ELISpot protocol. Once activated, it is essential that the membrane is not allowed to dry during the ELISpot procedure.

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ProductELISpot plates, w/o underdrain

PVDF membrane ELISpot plates without underdrain (MAIPSWU)

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Shipped at ambient temperature.


Store at room temperature upon receipt.

Tutorial, Published December 28, 2023

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