ELISpot substrate: BCIP/NBT-plus for ALP

ELISpot substrate: BCIP/NBT‑plus for ALP


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BCIP/NBT-plus substrate for ELISpot

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Product specifications

Intended use

This ready-to-use BCIP/NBT-plus substrate is intended for the development of ELISpot assays using Streptavidin-ALP enzyme conjugates. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Serum/Plasma samples


Adjust to room temperature before use. Filter the substrate solution through a 0.45 µm filter and add to ELISpot plates after incubation with alkaline phosphatase and subsequent washing. Develop until spots emerge. Stop the colour development by washing extensively in tap water.

Product details

ProductELISpot substrate: BCIP/NBT-plus for ALP

BCIP/NBT-plus substrate for ELISpot

Shipping and Storage


Shipped at ambient temperature.


Store at 4-8 °C upon receipt.

Shelf lifeAt least 18 months from date of receipt.

Tutorial, Published December 28, 2023

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