ELISA Flex: Human IL-31 (HRP)

ELISA Flex: Human IL‑31 (HRP)


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An ELISA designed to detect the native protein – in our most adaptable kit format to match your unique setup. Combine it with your preferred substrate and buffer.


Capture mAbMT31/88
Detection mAbMT158, biotin
Enzyme conjugateStreptavidin-HRP
StandardRecombinant human IL-31 ELISA standard
Buffer/SolutionStandard reconstitution buffer

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Product specifications

Intended use

This ELISA Flex kit is intended for the quantification of human IL-31 in solution. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Serum/Plasma samples

Analysis of serum/plasma with this kit requires the use of ELISA diluent. The ELISA diluent blocks heterophilic antibodies from cross-linking the assay antibodies, thereby preventing false-positive read-outs. Heterophilic antibodies are commonly found in human serum/plasma. The ELISA diluent has been validated using serum/plasma samples from healthy human blood donors. It should be used for dilution of standard, samples, and detection antibody.


Product details

ProductELISA Flex: Human IL-31 (HRP)

This kit is based on a matched pair of mAbs specific for human IL-31.

Shipping and Storage


Shipped at ambient temperature.


Store antibodies and enzyme conjugate at 4-8 °C upon receipt. The ELISA standard should be stored at -20 °C.

Shelf lifeAt least 18 months from date of receipt.
Standard range3-300 pg/ml
Representative standard curve for human IL-31 ELISA Flex kit using TMB substrate.

Tutorial, Published July 31, 2023

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Analyte description

Interleukin 31 (IL-31) is a cytokine belonging to the IL-6 family. It is mainly secreted by activated T cells, especially in Th2 helper cells, mast cells, macrophages, and dendritic cells. IL-31 mainly acts in the skin, lung, intestine, and nervous system, facilitating cell-mediated immunity against pathogens. The receptor for IL-31 is found on e.g. keratinocytes and endothelial cells and can be upregulated on activated monocytes. However, IL-31 is considered a Th2-type cytokine with different functions than other Th2-type cytokines. In transgenic mice overexpressing IL-31, the cytokine induces pruritus and dermatitis resembling human atopic dermatitis (AD). In humans, IL-31 has been associated with AD, atopic and contact allergies, airway hypersensitivity, and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Alternative namesInterleukin-31, IL-31, IL31
Cell typeT cell, Tc, Th1, NK cell
Gene ID386653