Anti-human apoB mAb (LDL 11), biotin

Anti-human apoB mAb (LDL 11), biotin


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Monoclonal antibody LDL 11, biotinylated. Supplied at 1 mg/ml in PBS with 0.02% sodium azide.

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Anti-human apoB mAbs (LDL 20/17), unconjugated
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Product specifications

Intended use

This monoclonal antibody enables specific detection of human apoB in immunoassays such as ELISA and Western blot.

Serum/Plasma samples


For quantification of apoB in serum/plasma samples and cell culture supernatants using ELISA. LDL 11 is recommended as detection mAb in combination with capture mAb LDL 20/17 (product code 3715-3). The antibodies are also suitable for immunoprecipitation and Western blot.

Product details

ProductAnti-human apoB mAb (LDL 11), biotin
ApplicationELISA, Western blot
AntibodyLDL 11
ImmunogenNative human LDL
ReactivityHuman, Non-human primates

Native human apoB in the form of LDL. The presence of low amounts of detergent is necessary for binding. Tween 20, Triton X100 or NP40 can be used at a concentration of 0.01-0.5%.

Cross-reactivityCross-reacts with apoB from rhesus and cynomolgus macaques. For more information please check the Cross-reactivity guide section below.

Purified from in vitro cultures by protein G affinity chromatography.


Biotinylated through reaction with a N-hydroxysuccinimide ester of biotin.

Concentration1 mg/ml
Supplied in

PBS with 0.02% sodium azide. Sterile-filtered (0.2 µm).


Monoclonal antibody LDL 11, biotinylated. Supplied at 1 mg/ml in PBS with 0.02% sodium azide.

Shipping and Storage


Shipped at ambient temperature.


Store product at 4-8°C or frozen at -20°C or below. Avoid repeated freezing/thawing.

Shelf lifeAt least 18 months from date of receipt.
Detection of human apoB with mAb LDL11 in Western blot. Human plasma (0.1 µl and 0.01 µl) in SDS sample buffer were denatured at 70˚C for 10 minutes and run on SDS-page / Western blot. ApoB was detected using 1 µg/ml LDL11 (biotinylated) followed by SA-ALP and BCIP/NBT-plus substrate.


Analyte descriptionApolipoprotein B (apoB, also known as apolipoproteinB, apo B, apoB-100, apoB100 and apo B100) is the main protein component of low density lipoprotein particles (LDL) and it is a large water insoluble molecule of 512 kD (apoB-100) produced mainly in the liver and in the intestine (apoB-48). ApoB is regarded as a negative factor in cardiovascular disease. ApoB-100 is normally 98% of the apoB in human plasma and at a concentration of approximately 0.4-1.3 mg/ml.
Alternative names, FCHL2, FLDB, LDLCQ4, apoB-100, apoB-48
Gene ID338
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