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Introducing Mabtech IRIS 2

Published: April 28, 2023

Updated: October 18, 2023

We made your favorite reader even better  

IRIS 2  was designed to make the analysis of larger projects as painless as possible. In addition to self-calibration, responsive software, and easy data handling, IRIS 2 allows for robotic plate loading. Our reader can be implemented in an automated workflow with a robotic arm or be fully integrated into a larger automated setup. Each automation solution is unique, and we’ll be here for you every step of the way.

Novel performance qualification

In addition, our new patent-pending Performance Qualification (PQ) plates verify that our instruments fulfill quality specifications and ensure reproducibility. This Performance capability is especially important when facing internal or external review for regulatory compliance. By using PQ plates, our instruments can be confidently validated providing peace of mind knowing that experiments are accurate and reliable.

A whole new assay platform 

Finally, FociSpot is our new assay platform that includes both kits and a new analysis capability of Mabtech IRIS 2, allowing for automated counting of foci in a 96-well plate format. In FociSpot, foci are detected with immunostaining using virus-specific mAbs and a precipitating substrate reaction similar to ELISpot. 

Focus forming assays (FFAs) can have a variety of different setups such as focus-reduction neutralization tests (FRNT) or Tissue Culture Infectious Dose (TCID50) assays. FRNT and TCID50 can be used to quantify viral titers or virus-specific neutralizing antibody titers and are commonly used in vaccine and infection research. FFA, FRNT, and TCID50 can all be analyzed with the FociSpot platform.

IRIS 2 with robotic arm

IRIS 2 is ready for automation with the implementation of robotic arm plate loading.

PQ-plate and its sections

Different sections of the PQ-plate: 1. Tests focus and RAWspot algorithm in FluoroSpot. 2. Tests LED light intensity in FluoroSpot. 3. ELISpot test

FociSpot for Influenza A

In this image, Influenza A foci were detected with immunostaining using virus-specific mAbs.

New features:

  • Automation-compatible 
  • Ready for performance qualification
  • FociSpot – new foci-reading technology for detecting virus-infected cells
  • A custom-made lens with better-than-ever performance
  • Faster and more responsive Apex software with new file-save alternatives

Still there:

  • ELISpot and 4-color FluoroSpot
  • Accurate spot counting
  • Fixed focus and self-calibrating XY table for a streamlined workflow
  • Intuitive software for a smooth user experience
  • Customizable presets for recurrent experiments

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