Assay development

We know a thing or two about developing immunoassays. Why not let us help you make your very own! 




How to get your own assay:

Ready to turn your antibodies into a full kit? We’re here to help! Our Production and Quality Control teams are staffed with highly skilled professionals who are ready to assist you with your assay design. Whether you need both capture and detection antibodies or have a different, unique approach, we’ll work with you to get your kit into the format you need. Let us help you bring your assay to life!

lab work

Custom conjugations

We conjugate antibodies and antigens all the time so why not let us perform the conjugations for your project?

  • Bioinylation
  • Fluorophore conjugation
  • Bead-based conjugation (carboxyl conjugation)
  • Custom tagging

We can even validate conjugations guaranteeing their functionality in the respective assay. Reach out to our customized services team to book a meeting and discuss your project's specific needs.


Customer testimonials


Affibody has trusted Mabtech’s services in several projects and we have always been happy. The staff at Mabtech are skilled and very easy to work with both before and during the project. We would recommend their services to others.



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