Antibody development

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How to get your own mAb:

At Mabtech, we’re experts in the field of monoclonal antibody development for a wide range of research applications. Our comprehensive services include everything from antigen design and expression to the production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies.

With Mabtech, we put you in control. Our services are broken down into customizable steps, giving you the power to steer your antibody development project in the direction you need. We offer flexible options so you can choose the level of assistance that works best for you. Simply schedule a consultation with one of our experienced specialists and we'll create a custom plan with you at the center of it all.

With Mabtech, the development of high-quality monoclonal antibodies has never been easier.

hybridoma generation

Project steps:

Only need help with one of these steps? No problem!

Do you already have a hybridoma and need help with cell culture? Or maybe you’re looking for a custom antibody conjugation. We can tailor our services to your needs.

We offer the following standalone services:

  • Cell banking
  • Production of antibodies
  • Purification of antibodies
  • Custom antibody conjugations


Mabtech ♥ mAbs

  • 35+ years in business
  • 115 monoclonal antibody pairs developed
  • 22 target species
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified

Customer testimonials


Eurocine vaccines

Eurocine Vaccines has used Mabtech's custom services and products for multiple purposes for some time now. We are very happy with the outstanding quality of their products, services, and expert advice. The experts at Mabtech are professional, meticulous, and have a great understanding of quality. In addition to their services, we are very happy with the Mabtech IRIS and how the RAWSpot technology has provided new interesting insights to our projects.



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