StimPack: Memory B cells, human

StimPack: Memory B cells, human


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R848 (solution) and recombinant IL-2 (lyophilized)

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Intended use

This StimPack is intended for the stimulation of human B cells prior to the analysis in human IgA, IgG, IgG subclass, and IgM ELISpot and FluoroSpot assays. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Serum/Plasma samples

In order to secrete detectable amounts of antibody, memory B cells may require polyclonal stimulation. A combination of the TLR7/8 agonist R848 and recombinant IL-2 (both included in the StimPack) can be used for such purposes. Please view datasheet for instructions.


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ProductStimPack: Memory B cells, human
ApplicationB cell stimulation, ELISpot, FluoroSpot

R848 (solution) and recombinant IL-2 (lyophilized)

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Store at -20 °C or below upon receipt. 

Find out which analyte combinations we have evaluated in T cell FluoroSpot and which combinations are affected by capture effects or not. 

What is a capture effect?

When capture antibodies with different specificities are coated together, capture of one cytokine may affect the secretion of other cytokines. This is usually more pronounced when studying T cell responses with polyclonal stimuli compared to antigen-specific responses. Capture effects are seldom a problem and can often be counteracted by addition of an anti-CD28 antibody.

Tutorial, Published December 28, 2023

Incubation strategies for success in ELISpot and FluoroSpot
We've made a handy table summarizing incubation times for different analytes to make your research planning for the ELISpot and FluoroSpot assay a little easier.
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