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Ready-to-use ELISA diluent

ELISA diluent

Ready-to-use diluent for prevention of interference by heterophilic antibodies in serum and plasma samples in ELISA. The ELISA diluent is developed for use with antibodies from Mabtech.

Heterophilic antibodies found in human serum/plasma are capable of cross-linking the capture and detection antibodies used in ELISA which will result in false positive signals. The ELISA diluent prevents the heterophilic antibodies from cross-linking and allows cytokine measurement without interference. Please note that heterophilic antibody interference in samples from human subjects with various diseases or other conditions have not been assessed.

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Product SDS
  • 2 x 120 ml ELISA Diluent, ready-to-use
Size: 2 x 120 ml

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