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Human IL-5 ELISpot BASIC (ALP)

  • Human IL-5 ELISpot (ALP)
  • Human IL-5 ELISpot (ALP)
  • Non-Human Primate cross-reactivity

Basic ELISpot kit for enumeration of cells secreting IL-5

The human IL-5 ELISpot kit is ideal for users who want the flexibility of setting up their own assay. The kit enables enumeration of cells secreting human IL-5, and contains a matched pair of monoclonal capture and detection antibodies and Streptavidin-ALP.

Human IL-5 ELISpot kits are also available with Streptavidin-HRP. See Related products.

As complementary products, we offer ELISpot plates and substrates. See Related products.

Species cross-reactivity

The monoclonal antibodies in this kit cross-react with IL-5 from non-human primates. See the Human/NHP cross-reactivity table.

  • ELISpot
  • Human
  • NHP
Documentation: Product datasheet

Product SDS
  • Capture mAb (TRFK5)
  • Biotinylated detection mAb (5A10)
  • Streptavidin-ALP
Size: for 4 plates