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anti-human IFN-γ mAb MT111W, for Neutralization

Monoclonal antibody specific for IFN-γ

This monoclonal antibody is recommended for neutralization of human IFN-γ bioactivity.

The monoclonal antibody is supplied in PBS without preservatives. Endotoxin content is below 10 EU/mg.

Please view the publication by Zuber B. for more information.

Species cross-reactivity

The antibody cross-reacts with IFN-γ from certain non-human primates. Cross-reactivity has been tested in ELISA and/or ELISpot. See the Human/NHP cross-reactivity table.


Bulk Orders

Upon request, Mabtech's antibodies are available in unconjugated format and may be purchased in bulk. Please contact Mabtech directly for further details.

  • Neutralization
  • Human / NHP
Format: Purified
Documentation: Product datasheet

Product SDS
  • MT111W, purified, supplied at 1 mg/ml in PBS free of preservatives
Size: 500 µg
Other formats: Click to view all Human/NHP IFN-γ products
    • Non-Human Primate Cross-reactivity

      The systems reactive with NHPs are either based on cross-reactive human kits or specifically developed monkey kits (NHP).

      Cross-reactivity verification tests have been performed in ELISpot and/or ELISA by Mabtech and/or by others. Assays with less evidence of cross-reactivity are defined as indications (symbols within parentheses).


        Rhesus Macaque Cynomolgus Macaque Pig-tailed Macaque Baboon* Sooty Mangabey African Green Monkey Night Monkey* Common Marmoset Squirrel Monkey
      ASSAY Old world New world
        Rhesus Macaque Cynomolgus Macaque Pig-tailed Macaque Baboon* Sooty Mangabey Afr. Green Monkey Aotus* Common Marmoset Squirrel Monkey
      Assay Old world New world
      ApoE (NHP)              
      GM-CSF ( ) ( )      
      Granzyme A                
      Granzyme B          
      IFN-α pan       ( )      
      IFN-γ (NHP)
      IFN-γ ( )
      IgA (NHP)              
      IL-2 (NHP)
      IL-4 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
      IL-5 ( ) ( ) ( )  
      IL-6 ( ) ( )   ( )  
      IL-8 (NHP)                
      IL-12/-23 (p40)            
      IL-12 (p70)                
      IL-13 ( ) ( ) ( )    
      IL-17A (NHP) ( ) ( )      
      Perforin ( )      
      TGF-β1 (latent)              
        Rhesus Macaque Cynomolgus Macaque Pig-tailed Macaque Baboon* Sooty Mangabey Afr. Green Monkey Aotus* Common Marmoset Squirrel Monkey
      SINGLE mAbs Old world New world
      SINGLE mAbs                  
      Cell stimulation Old world New world
      Cell stimulation                  
      CD3, mAb CD3-1              
      CD3, mAb CD3-2              
      CD28, mAb CD28-A              
      Flow cytometry Old world New world
      Flow cytometry                  
      Granzyme B, mAb GB11                
      IFN-γ, mAb 1-D1K ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
      IFN-γ (NHP), mAb MT126L ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
      IL-2 mAb MT8G10 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )   ( ) ( ) ( )
      IL-17A mAb MT504                
      Perforin mAb Pf-344          
      Ig reagents Old world New world
      Ig reagents                  
      IgG1 mAb MT1939              
      IgG2 mAb H6200              
      IgG3 mAb MTG34              
      IgG4 mAb MTG42              
      Western blot Old world New world
      Western blot                  
      IFN-γ, mAb MT111W ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

      Symbol keys:


      Verified by Mabtech and/or by others. Tests performed in ELISpot and/or ELISA.

      • good
      • poor
      • no
      Indications of Cross-reactivity

      Based on reports from others or by analysis using recombinant proteins.

      • ( ) good
      • ( ) poor
      • ( ) no
      Blank boxes

      Represent cross-reactivities not evaluated.

      * Comprises several species. Cross-reactivity may have to be verified on a species basis.

      View human/NHP cross-reactivity table

    • Analyte information

      • IFN-γ
        Interferon-γ (IFN-γ, also known as IFN-gamma, IFN-g, IFNg and Interferon-gamma) is produced mainly by activated T cells and NK cells. It is a proinflammatory cytokine that activates macrophages and endothelial cells, but it also regulates immune responses by effecting APC and T and B cells. Production of IFN-γ by helper T cells as well as cytotoxic T cells is a hallmark of the TH1-type phenotype, thus, high-level production of IFN-γ is typically associated with effective host defense against intracellular pathogens.
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