TB screening in rhinos using our equine(!) ELISA kit

Originally published May 16, 2019, updated May 24, 2023

Michele Miller, Sven Parsons and their co-workers at Stellenbosch University have in a series of papers demonstrated that our ELISA Flex: equine IFN-γ is the optimal system for measuring endogenous IFN-γ in white as well as black rhinoceros. IFN-gamma has previously been shown to be an important biomarker for Mycobacterium bovis infection in cattle, and the same pathogen causes tuberculosis in rhinos. However, robust and sensitive immunoassays detecting rhinoceros IFN-gamma have been missing.

By screening commercially available ELISA kits, Mabtech’s equine IFN-γ ELISA showed the highest sensitivity. The ELISA revealed good IFN-γ recovery as well as high reproducibility, even when performed at 37⁰C, enabling analysis of IFN-gamma also in labs where climate control is suboptimal.

Stellenbosch team with sedated rhino